Our Services:

General Order Suppliers:

Our Firm has a three year experience in General Order Suppliers. We supplies Computer Accessories, All Kinds of Printers (Laser Jet Printers, dot Matrix Printers and Color Inkjet Printers) of Kinds of companies such as Hewlett, Hp, Samsung and Canon etc. New and Used Computers (Desktops, Laptops and Towers Systems). Projectors, Scanners, Monitors (In All sizes, LCDs Monitors and Flat Screen Monitors), Computer Paper, Computer Diskettes, Printers Ribbons, Lasers Jet Printer’s Toners, Color Primier’s Cartages, Phtocopier machine Toner, Office Electronic Dquipments, Office Furniture Items and Other Office Equipments etc.

We also supplies Stationeries items such as Papers, Pens, Pencils, Diaries, Writeable and Rewriteable Cds, CD bags and all kinds of Stationeries items.

Computer Services

Having much Experience and Telent of Professional Skills in Providing Computer Services at Public Sector & also in the Embassies. Our Engineers has the ability to manage different kinds of Network based on different Operating Systems.

Sale Department

We have a team of Professional Marketers for Sales to provide our services to you at your door step.

Support Department.

After selling our Equipments to our valued customers we will provide prompt backup support of services for the warranty period at your door stemps. We also offer annual services for our providing equipments. We have highly qualified & professionally trained technical experts members.

We provide all types of Desktops, Laptops, LCDs, Projectors, Scanners Printers and Services like repairing fax machines, photo copier and trouble shooting all types of computers.

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