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Digital Quran

Ahsan ul Kalam has brought a brand new innovative Digital Quran Pak to help users to recite. In addition, Understand and learn the Holy Quran better every day. One of the most important features is its Digital Pen. So, The E-Quran is designed with advanced technology which helps the Holy Quran. Moreover, Assist you to scan and read any page. And, It comes with a Pen Charger, Audionic handsfree, User Manual Guide, Download/ Charging Cable.

Emaniyat, Asan Namaz, Asan Wazu , 40 Hadith, Masnoon Duaen, Ahkam e Tajweed, Sunnatain, Seerat e Nabvi. Respect of Parents, Prayers of Hajj, Prayers of Umrah.