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120GB Kingston SSD (China)

120GB Kingston SSD (China) 120GB Kingston SSD (China)

120GB WD Green (China)

120GB WD Green (China) 120GB WD Green (China) For use in laptop and desktop computers, a WD Green SSDs offers

240GB WD Green (China)

240GB WD Green (China) 240GB WD Green (China) For use in laptop and desktop computers, a WD Green SSDs offers

256GB Value Tech SSD

256GB Value Tech SSD 256GB Value Tech SSD Stands for “Solid State Drive.” An SSD is a type of mass┬ástorage

Hikvision E100 512GB

Hikvision E100 512GB Hikvision E100 512GB Introduction The E100 series solid state drive is developed from years of experience and

KingSpec 128GB SSD (New)

KingSpec 128GB SSD (New) KingSpec 128GB SSD (New) Model Name P3-XXX Interface SATA III NAND Flash TLC/QLC Form Factor 2.5Inch

Lexar 128GB SSD (New)

Lexar 128GB SSD (New)

-:With One Year Warranty:-

WD Blue 256GB SSD

WD Blue 256GB SSD WD Blue 256GB SSD A New Dimension of Storage Ready for your high performance computing needs,


A solid state drive is an electronic storage drive built on solid state architecture. These are built with NAND and NOR flash memory to store non-volatile data and dynamic random access memory (DRAM). Solid state drive and magnetic hard disk drive (HDD) share a similar purpose.

Therefore, is also known as a solid state disk or electronic disk drive.

So, It incorporates the storage technique implemented in microchip-based flash memory. Moreover, where data is electronically stored on flash memory chips. And, an entirely electronic storage device, and its physical assembly contains no mechanical objects.

A SSD has two key components:

  • Flash memory: Contains storage memory.
  • Controller: An embedded microprocessor that processes functions, like error correction. Data retrieval and encryption. Manages access to input/output (I/O) and read/write (R/W) operations between the SSD and host computer.